Another step done

With the Furries leaving town, it was time to get things back to the ole normal routine. I wanted to complete the back flowerbed (aka Phase IV), because I had been kind of obsessing over getting it done.

This was one of those things I’ve wanted to do since I saw the house. I hated that ivy. It was just … blah.

So, while not *actually* done, I do consider this to be about 90% complete. I had to buy some Japanese Painted Ferns (which I did on the way to work) and Japanese Ornamental Grass (which my girlfriend will find at the store where she got me the other one). Then I have to clear out the rest of that ivy on the right and continue the stone wall … but that will come later, as part of like Phase V or VI or something equally blah.

But right now, I’m basking in the glory of how well this came out.

See that jungle to the right? Imagine that covering this back area. I could never run the lawnmower over that because those rocks were actually buried, but jutting up just enough to scrape the lawnmower blade. So, yeah, dug them up and built a crude, small wall with them, cause hey, why not?

From a different angle:

Then came the plants. 5 astilbes, 2 “ghost” dead nettle, and 1 cora bell later, combined with 2.5 bags of mulch … and this was the result:

Oh, and to give you an idea of how much stuff I cleared? That section of it in the bottom picture is probably thigh-high (and not even close to all of it).

Obviously, it needs a few more plants, which is where the Japanese painted ferns and the Japanese ornamental grass will come to the rescue. I will plant the ferns tomorrow, and the grass when it arrives.

About 4 hours of work total, and under $100 spent, and that bed is nice and spacious for those perennials to grow into. Perfect by no means, but it works and I’m happy with it … it looks 5,000% better than what it did.

Now, a job that I’ve wanted to do since Day 1 is finally realized.

Next, back to Phase III. Well, once I plant some grass and such.


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