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Holy shit! A typing dog!

Hi. I’m Sheep.

Long-time readers will remember  my old blog called World of Threes. It was a place of humor, absurdity and random silliness. All of those old posts have been shifted over here (and ironically, I started this site on 1 year anniversary of Wo3s. And no, it wasn’t planned — I’m not good like that), so feel free to peruse at your leisure. What I tend to write about is life in Western Pa. (which I completely love) to bad TV/movies to bad dating stories (mine and others’)  to renovations on my house to whatever else captures my imagination.

My life is strange and the world inside my head is  stranger, so naturally, this blog can be an odd, odd place.

Now, the main FAQ I get is “What the heck does ‘Sheep the Moon’ even mean?”

“Sheeping” is a World of Warcraft term. A mage would turn a foe into a sheep, rendering him harmless for a limited time so he could deal with other opponents. You could mark opponents with different symbols, so putting a “moon” on someone gave a foe a specific identity. When you were formulating a game plan, you could say, “OK, Roscoe, you tank X. Jobber, you stun skull. Merlin, you sheep the moon.”

Now, one day I was raiding with my guildies. I’ve heard the term “sheep the moon” many, many times — but for some reason — quite likely the beer — I started giggling when I heard the raid leader mention it over ventrilo (think skype before skype). I just loved that something that sounded so obscure actually meant a specific course of action to someone. I decided right then and there that if I ever opened up a gaming blog, I would have to call it “Sheep the moon.”

Well, that’s not happening. But when it came time to open up a new home for my blog, I knew there was no other name I would want for it.

Oh, and if you’re confused about the time frame here, this site combines postings from Wo3s and my old myspace blog. Anything from Oct. 2008 to Oct. 2009 is from Wo3s. Anything older than Oct. 2008 came from Myspace home.

Let the shenanigans begin!


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