By Sheep

The categories have continued to evolve, but here’s what you can expect to find in the various categories:

Amused: Just things that amused me throughout my day. Really, kinda happy happy joy joy kinda stuff. I think that’s the first time I’ve used “kinda” twice in a sentence.

Celebricheese: Every now and then I target celebrities for their silliness, especially when it relates to the ‘burgh.

Dating Stinks: Because it does. This covers horrid dating stories and basic relationship advice — because taking advice on how to steer a ship from Capt. Hazelwood after he’s drank a bottle of Jack Daniels is always a good idea.

Doodles: I started doodling again, kinda, sorta, but not really. I swear I want to start.

Fairiors: Friends and I have decided to go exploring county fairs. This is my reports on those adventures.

Get off my lawn!: Sometimes I turn into an 80-year-old man, and start shaking my fist or cane at the world.

Good on ya!: Every now and then, somebody does something that does my heart good, and I raise a beer to them.

Holiday Treats: I think I tend to write a lot about the holidays, because they force me out of my normal routine. So, if it’s holiday related, it’s here.

In the News: Being a former media worker, sometimes, stuff just strikes me … and it could be something you’ve missed.

Jus’ sayin’: These are rants, raves and various thoughts. Typically, they’ll offend someone even when I don’t want to offend anyone. So, in order to keep the peace, I have to pre-emptively knock out those angry or hurt feelings by saying, “Hey, I’m jus’ sayin’.”  It makes the world a safer place for all involved.

Life n’at: Sometimes, shit happens. Other times, you get that random fantastic surprise. Hey, it’s just life, ya know?

My Old House: This category is dedicated to things like my home improvement projects.

Meetin’ Tales: I was involved with a group called at Basically, it’s a place where people meet up and try new things. Every now and then I host an event and do a write up about it, so it’ll be here.

Notices: These are the various changes I make to the blog, and opt to inform readers about.

Paleo: Fad diet? Beneficial lifestyle? I started down the Paleo path on Jan. 1, just to see if there was anything to this.

Reflecting: Cause some days, I just like to sit back with a beer and think.

Rude and Crude: Every now and then, eloquence just has to take a back seat to clubbing baby seals.

Sangria Summer: I experiment with sangria recipes, in hopes of finding an ultimate summer treat.

Shenanigans: Satire. I think.

Sports: I’m not a huge sports guy, but I do love the Steelers, Penguins and the park that those other guys play in.

Tech 101: I switched from a journalist to an IT guy. This is some of the stuff I’ve encountered.

The Geekatorium: For you nerds, video gamers, comic book fans and people that can build your own computers.

TV and Movies: Cause I do love me some video entertainment.


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