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Untraditional Thanksgiving

Today on Twitter, I saw a lot of people talking about what they are thankful for: Their jobs, their families … pretty much all the stuff that you would expect.

There is no way I could say anything any differently than any of them did, so, I opted to draw my first hand turkey since 1st or 2nd grade. Enjoy.


And yes, I did do a motivational poster on it, since I’m completely addicted to that app.


So, for my American readers, I hope you and your family have a great, and only vaguely insane family gathering. I hope you put on your eatin’ pants, and end up getting completely stuffed on great food. I hope you enjoy napping on the couch while listening to John Madden talk about turduckens.

For my readers in different countries: I wish you could be here to join us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Because I didn’t feel like drawing…

… I did this crude little cartoon. Just cause.



I’m trying to get back into the swing of things art-wise. I really haven’t drawn anything in probably 15 years … which is in stark contrast to when I was growing up, and was drawing every day, several times a day (in class, in study hall, at home, etc.). But I’ve decided that it’s really something I need to do more of, and I figured I could share some stuff here … whether good, bad or meh. You’re not gonna hit a homerun every time you’re at bat, but you’re only gonna get better by stepping up to the plate. I doubt I’ll be throwing up any “finished” pieces … I’m taking baby steps here, hence why I’m calling this category “Doodles.” So, here we go.

Doodle No. 1:

I don’t know why the Aztec feel came into play, and I wish I would I could think of more of that style to fill out the snake. But this pic kinda reflects my frustration in life … feeling like the mouse caught up in the coils of a snake, but not quite ready to be anyone’s dinner.

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