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More things to love about W.Pa.

Been entirely too hectic recently, but here’s a story you may have missed: A guy from Murrysville jumped into a frozen lake to rescue a woman and her dog after her dog fell through the ice and the woman went out to help it. And what makes this more impressive to me is A) the rescuer is 61; B) after the ordeal was over, he said, “It was no big deal.”

His logic?

“I told the police I was better dressed for getting wet in the cold than anyone else because I had on heavy blue jeans, a hooded sweater and boots,” said Hahn, who received clearance from police to proceed.

So, he waded into the water, and after 20 minutes, rescued the woman and her dog.

That’s just … wow. I love this guy. It’s a great example of the W. Pa. mindset of stepping up when something needs to be done, and how people here aren’t afraid to step up and help a stranger.


Halloweenie goodness

A friend of mine recently posted a video of the police patrolling through her neighborhood. And while normally that kind of intro would be associated with something negative, this is really in the “way cool” realm for me.

Apparently, they did this was several different types of music, from scary to comical, and do this every year as they patrol through Edgewood.

It’s nice to see the police getting into the fun of the day, while still making their presence known and going about their jobs. And hey, maybe it makes the police a little more “human” to some of the folks who are mistrustful of them. Regardless, I think this move is just full of win, and it just endears me even more to the area.

Good on ya, Edgewood police! (And thanks for sharing, Jen!)


Pittsburgh, I love you

While the protesters line up to make their voices heard

For Socialism, Communism and to deliver us from the evils of the world,

They found that they could only hear one rallying cry,

And it said “LET’S GO PENS.”



This one's for me

I went out on this morning’s ride, telling myself that my only goal today was to ride the former circuit that I use to crush. And I did that. In fact, I did it with relative ease.

Getting stronger...

Getting stronger...

The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that I did it on mostly the second and third front chain ring. For you non-cyclers, that’s the tough stuff. Your inner chainring is you “granny gear” — your outside one is your “road” gear (ie, flat, easy surface).

But you know, it wasn’t until I stopped at about the midway point that I realized how far I’ve come in just the past week or so of riding. My legs had that old rock-solid-burning-yet-could-turn-to-jello-at-any-minute  feel to them. I was bleeding from a thorn in my forearm and some scratches on my shins (par for the course). I even had my first crash today — stupidly, I was coasting with my left foot down, and it snagged a vine. I couldn’t clip out, so BAM, over I fell. And you know what? I was laughing and bemoaning the fact that no one was there with a camera. And at the end, I know I had a shit-eating grin, despite breathing entirely too hard for what the course is.

Parts of the ride weren’t pretty. And yeah, the part that I haven’t ridden has changed a bit since I was last there, so I walked parts of it as I figured out where the new trails went. But I also made it up parts that just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “There’s no way I’ll do this for awhile yet.” Today, zoom, no sweat. D-U-N done.

Even at the end, I was on the outside chain ring, cruising back to the car. Thank you muscle memory. The riding legs are coming back. I’m ecstatic.

So today, pardon me if I don’t share my steak and beer. Today, it’s all about me, and it’s all mine.



This is just freakin’ hysterical.

I usually make up my own lyrics for songs, but this takes it up a notch or two.

For the creators, excellent work.


Good on ya!

(And thanks for making me feel really, really old, since I remember this video from when it originally came out. :P)


Congrats Amy!

One of my old college friends was recently featured in the P-G as the 2008 RENOVATION INSPIRATION CONTEST SMALL PROJECT WINNER.

Now I feel like a complete slacker for doing relatively little work on my house. Maybe I can get her to come over and start working on my house, now that she’s done with hers….


Stereotypical, but…

It wasn’t pretty … but boys, you done me proud!

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