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Thank the gods that's over

Yes, finally, the G-20 is over, though apparently there’s some pockets of “police resistance” moving around, apparently even more angry that the police decided to interfere with their plans of destruction and such. (You know, after internet posts about “burning it all down” and “We want 10 Seattle riots going on at once!”, they discovered that the authorities weren’t joking around.)

One of my favorite quotes from G-20 came from a friend of mine that is a Pittsburgh police officer, who overheard another cop say, “I really wish we could fire some Febreeze into the crowd.” The second favorite quote came from one of my coworkers, who said, “Rolling garbage dumpsters down a hill? Shit, that’s not a protest, that’s what frat boys do.”

Here are some pictures, from the Trib photographers.

Beer here!

Beer here!

Dont be no jagoff! Put da damn lighter away! What da hells wrong wit you?

"Don't be no jagoff! We only burn couches after Labor Day!"

I really love the above picture, by the way. The only way it could be better was if there was an old lady and she was shaking her fist at the anarchist, or she was hitting him with an umbrella.

Quite honestly, this is one of the dumbest actions Ive ever seen.

File this under "Things that won't go over well."

We dont like capitalism, but well participate in the darker aspect of it ...

The fight against capitalism requires frequent smoke breaks.

By itself, the picture isnt that funny. But zoom in ...

By itself, the picture isn't that funny. But zoom in ...

And someone isnt impressed. Or smells something really, really awful.

And someone isn't impressed. Or smells something really awful. Or both.

And with all the videos and pics of the various shenanigans done by both sides, there is only one that really kind of upset me … and it’s the one below.

A mom participates in Bring your child to a riot day.

A mom participates in "Bring your child to a riot" day.

Now,  why this picture bothered me was because of the accompanying story that ran with it. Apparently, this mom brought her child to the Lawrenceville protest (you know, the one that had no permit, had a lot of anarchists at the front and was likely to spawn violence) as well as the more “peaceful” protest the following day, where this picture was taken. One of the mom’s quotes was that her daughter wanted to wear the mask because after the Lawrenceville protest, “She is afraid of the police.” Not afraid of the people who were trying to use garbage dumpsters to attack the police with. Not afraid of the screaming, angry mobs, but of the police who were trying to protect the neighborhood. (Here’s a video, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Way to go, mom.

Hopefully, this will be my last blog about the G-20. My thanks go out to the officers, soldiers and first responders who worked to protect the city from the folks who think it’s perfectly acceptable to set things on fire, smash windows and roll dumpsters down hills.


Pittsburgh, I love you

While the protesters line up to make their voices heard

For Socialism, Communism and to deliver us from the evils of the world,

They found that they could only hear one rallying cry,

And it said “LET’S GO PENS.”



Protests…Just Ducky

One of the things I love about the G-20 is the ridiculousness of some of the protests. Each group has their own agenda, and some have much more valid goals than others.

For example, we have these festive youths, who are, I think,  trying to make a point about coal and its harmful effects on the Earth and/or environment.

They will know pain!

Take that, Big Coal!

Notice their energy levels! FEVER. PITCH.

Next came The Battle To End All Battles.

Finish him!


The crowd is on their feet, cheering for Windpower! Go Windpower, go!

And then came the climax of the protest!

Her nipples stopped traffic.

She has nipples, and she's not afraid to use them.

(Photos: Justin Merriman/Tribune-Review)

YES! They took their protest (as such) and interfered with a Just Ducky tour! That will strike fear into the heart of the Imperialist coal industry! The earlier interpretative dance/Mortal Kombat session proved that alternative energy sources such as windpower will kill coal, and therefore the coal workers on the tour will be rendered jobless and should just start protesting for “real jobs” with them NOW!

All joking aside, the one thing I heard repeatedly from protesters leading up to this week was that “We don’t want to interfere with the people of Pittsburgh.” And yet, here’s 10 dorks “taking a stand” by blocking a Just Ducky tour. Yes, we Capitalists are shaking in our boots on that one. Princess Nipplehausen should be happy that I wasn’t driving, cause I would’ve run her over and hosed her remains out of the treads of my vehicle. I have no patience for this kind of crap.

If you’re going to protest against coal, make it a dramatic one, like by going to Coalfest in Fayette County. Oh wait, people there wouldn’t tolerate their shenanigans. Meeting with real coal miners instead of the paper pushers could produce much different results … in fact, if the protesters weren’t hospitalized for getting uppity with them, they may have found out why these people have such pride and such a proud heritage in Western Pennsylvania. And while there, they could have snacked on some funnel cake and listened to some smooth stylings from this guy:

You know this man rocks.

Aloha shirt. Trombone. You know this man rocks.

Eric Schmadel/Tribune-Review

Really. Having a girl rage against the Just Ducky tour after some interpretive dance is the epitome of rebellion. Zach De La Rocha would be so proud. Fight the power. Literally.

(Shameless plug: Justin Merriman is a kick-ass photographer, and has won many, many awards. If you like photography, check out his stuff.)

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