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I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what exactly I want to do with my house, design wise.

Now, a lot of things have changed in recent months, and so have a lot of my priorities.

Where nerd-filled magic was made....complete with Slanket.

Long-time readers will recall my thrill when I put my geekroom in my second big bedroom. “BEST MOVE EVER!” I think that’s what I cried from the rooftops when it was complete.

But now as I work with technology for 40 hours a week, I find that I don’t want to work on it when I get home. There have been days where I wanted to watch Netflix, my PS3 needed to be updated and wouldn’t update properly, and I about flipped because, for Pete’s sakes, I JUST WANT TO WATCH NETFLIX, NOT FUCK AROUND WITH TECHNOLOGY.

So, here’s what I have in mind: I’m moving the geekatorium to my small bedroom. Basically, it will be my computer and my workbench, and that’s it.

The former geekroom would then be transformed into my “40s room.” No technology outside of stuff you would find in the 1940s (within reason). Bed, chest, nightstand, drawing table … those kinds of things. I don’t even want it to have a digital clock.

The 40s room is going to be my haven from technology. My place to go, breathe and not think about it. To not HAVE to deal with it.

This should give my friend Amy, who is going to be helping me plan my renovations, an interesting challenge. I’m sure she’ll have some great ideas for it.

The rest of the house will have wiring projects galore. Plans to run speaker wire and possibly patch cabling under my floorboards have been formulated. A dedicated media server is being built. Yeah, if Ghosthunters ever came through my house, I’m sure I’d be spiking the EMF detectors.

But a nice, comfortable, tech-free mancave … a return to simplicity … I think I’m going to need that in the very near future.


amping up the dork level

You all know a dork. Or you read a blog written by a dork.

But Cali just amped up my dork level a notch with this belated birthday gift:
Lee Aaron, Metal Queen album (complete with record), framed.

The fur. The leather. The tiny skull precariously balanced on the sword. The evil eye.
They just don’t make cheese like this anymore. It’s magnificent.

The Geekatorium will never be the same.

Seriously, this cover looks like it could have come from a “Bad News” album.
(If you’ve never seen the Comic Strip or the “Bad News” video, you owe yourself a looksie.)


Out from the depths

Years ago, when I first bought my house … I hadn’t even completely moved all of my stuff in when my mom called me up and told me I had forgotten some stuff at her place. I told her that there was no way that could be, because the attic (where I stayed with her for a year when I first moved back –make liberal use of the “Children of Attic” jokes) was completely cleared out. I checked it several times to make sure nothing was left behind.

“No, not that stuff. The stuff in the basement,” she said.

“What stuff in the basement?”

“The stuff you left when you moved to Florida. I don’t know what it is, I don’t look at it.”

Despite my pleas of “It’s only been there for like 15 years, one more day won’t hurt,” mom insisted that I come and get it NOW … it being several boxes. So, I took time out of setting up the house and got them, and promptly shoved them in my dining room where they would be out of the way.

Never looked at them after that.

Until today.

See, I told Cali that I wanted to have the dining room cleaned out so that we could actually use it for something other than a place to store my bikes, tools, and random boxes. For example, we want to try our hand at making homemade pies — but we have no place to do it since the dining room just has tons of stuff in it. In fact, my dining room table is just covered with all kinds of nonsense (as I’m finding out), so it’s been kind of funny finding all kinds of stuff and saying to myself, “Why didn’t I just pitch this?”

Among the things that I found in the boxes:

    Oh yeah.

    Oh yeah.

  1. A taun taun. Children of the ’80s either had one, or had a friend that had one. And like most children, I was irresponsible and don’t have the garbage harness that always seemed to interfere with the madcap shenanigans that my Star Wars adventures would inevitably take. My figures rode their taun tauns bareback, cause they were cool like that. He is now resting comfortably next to my Jay and Silent Bob bobbleheads in the Geekatorium.
  2. Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Dear Lord, I was (am) a giant nerd. Old issues of Dragon magazine, a notebook filled with adventure ideas, scary bad guys and random character sheets. I’ll have to go through this stuff more thoroughly and see if there’s anything worth mentioning in there.
  3. I still dont know what Grimace is.

    I still don't know what Grimace is.

    Art class stuff. Back in the day, I used to be a decent artist. Not God’s gift by any means, but if I took 5 seconds to draw a penguin, you’d know it’s  a penguin and not Grimace. But I found a bunch of stuff that I drew in 11th grade for class. It’s not great, it’s not bad. I think I managed to get an A in the class. But it brings to light another Cali reference … we were folding laundry at my house, and I pulled out an old shirt that I had designed. She asked me why I don’t draw anymore, and I really couldn’t give her an answer. I’ve asked myself that same question several times, but I think the main thing is is that I always seem to have something else to do other than draw. And I’m not nearly as imaginative anymore. But it is something I should start doing again. Maybe I will while watching TV (like I used to). I guess I’ll just have to see.

  4. Old Letters: Yep, to complete the trifecta of nerdom, I found letters from the days of being a pen pal. I used to write to an Aussie girl probably from the time I was 15 until maybe sophomore year of college. That seems like such a quaint thing to do — like kids today couldn’t even conceive of such a thing. “Why not just e-mail?” But there was always something really cool about having pen pals and getting real letters in the mail. I would love to get the mail just cause of the letters. Now, nothing but bills, special offers and advertisements. There’s been times I haven’t gotten the mail for a week because, well, why?

This has been a pretty comical experience so far. Nothing like a trip down memory lane to kinda shake up the day to day grind. It’s giving me ideas of new paths to take, and a reason to take them. Let’s see where this road goes.

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