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Because I didn’t feel like drawing…

… I did this crude little cartoon. Just cause.


Ghost Hunters vs Ghost Lab

Being a fan of the paranormal — and being on a “Ghost Hunters” binge for the past week — naturally I had to catch Discovery’s newest ghost hunting show called “Ghost Lab.”

Inevitably, there is going to be a comparison between the two shows, so I decided I’d write out my own mini comparison between them.

  1. The hosts: OK, I like Grant and Jason from GH far more than the Klinge brothers of GL. Maybe it’s a southern vs. northern thing here, but the chemistry and sense of humor is better with Grant and Jason
    Stop eating our young!

    Stop eating our young!

    than it is with the Klinges. The Klinges just come across as overbearing — moreso Brad than Barry — but that’s also because Brad looks almost like a Klingon in several shots. It’s like he’s always snarling, which gives the impression of “Agree with me or I’ll eat your young!” And there’s also that feeling that they were both football lineman and never outgrew that mentality. Hopefully, they’ll grow on me as I get used to them, but right now, GH easily wins this category. (Oh, and I know it’s the South and it’s hot, but really, seeing the big guys sweating in HD is pretty gross.)

  2. All your equipment are belong to us

    But do they have our fine acting skills?

    Equipment: No contest here: Ghost Lab takes it. They have a giant horse trailer that they work out of. They have giant CSI style TVs and seem to have a bazillion gadgets that the GH guys don’t have. I don’t know if Discovery sprung for all this crap or if the Klinges come from money or what, but TAPS seems rather rinky-dink in comparison to them. (But let’s face it, Jay has 5 kids at home, and Grant has 3. I have a feeling that the Klinges have yet to reproduce, or if they have, have the potential to eat their young, so they may have more disposable income to spend on equipment.)

  3. Theory: This is kind of a draw. I want to say Ghost Lab has the edge here because they are experimenting with Brad’s “Era Cues” theory, which is mildly better than running around measuring things with no theory at all. (Oh, and “Era Cues” was somewhat brought up in GH when they were in Europe, investigating The Viaduct Tavern.) However, going to the “parallel universe” theory was really reaching. And they seemed extremely quick to pronounce a place haunted from having a few EVPs. I still like TAPS’ practice of assuming a place IS NOT haunted first, and looking for logical answers before assuming anything supernatural.
  4. Holy Batheft!

    "Holy Batheft!"

    Investigation: Generally, I like GH’s approach, although I loathe when they bring out people who use dowsing rods and the like. But there’s only been one episode of GL, so I can’t draw a conclusion here. However, calling the lab the “para-lab” is annoying — I wonder if the GL guys call their rig the “para-mobile” or if they break out the “para-EMF detectors” and have “Para-shark repellent” stashed in the “para-lab.” Result: Too early to call.

  5. Sorry guys, I still dont like you.

    Sorry guys, I still don't like you.

    Crew: Again, too early to call. However, it seems like the Klinge brothers have enough ego to require a second trailer. They easily overwhelm the rest of the staff, who just shrink away in the background because the brothers are just so intensely focused on the mission at hand (ERA CUES!) that everything else is just shoved out of the way. If you watch Katie Burr (which I was, because there’s only like 2 women on the crew), she almost always has her arms crossed, which is a classic defensive stance. The GH crew has more personality, and gives off more of a “team” vibe, even in their pissing contests. GL will have a lot of ground to cover here, as GH did a great job of giving you a feel for the entire TAPS crew.

  6. Pacing: GH frustrates me at times, because it seems like they spend entirely too much time setting up and breaking down, which just bogs
    Ive found orbs!

    I think I've discovered 2 orbs!

    down the rest of the show (but then again, wandering around in the dark for 7 hours and finding nothing won’t do anything to help that). However, GL seems to be the exact opposite. It feels like they rush in, talk with people, talk about Era Cues, sweat, talk to an “expert,” capture a few EVPs, emit a few Texas-style whoops and yeehas, pronounce a place haunted and then move on. At least GH kinda feels like more of a story.

So, that’s the initial impression. I’m going to keep my eye on Ghost Lab to see how it evolves. (Remember kids, ERA CUES! Disagree with Brad and he’ll eat your young!) But I’m also going to keep watching Ghost Hunters, because hey, if nothing else, it’s entertaining to watch people stumble around in the dark.


The binge

Yesterday I was feeling rather logey (pronounced “low-gie”), so I decided to start watching a ton of “Ghost Hunter” episodes. My buddy from Blabs of Steele came over and networked my computer and my PS3, and ever since I’ve been watching all kinds of crap that I have on my computer. Now, I love paranormal stuff, and since it’s the beginning of October, I figured “Why not?” Figured it would be a great way to get in the Halloween spirit … so to speak.

Now, I’m one of those people who came into the series late. Previously, I only was able to catch shows on On Demand, and they were pretty sporadic, so I had no idea that there was so much staff drama going on on that show. For me, it was like Scooby Doo when they hit the celebrity guest stars stage … I would turn it on, see the core staff and a bunch of revolving new faces … though they never found out the haunting was caused by Old Man Smithers, and there was no secret treasure on the grounds.

So, with Halloween in mind, here’s a few observations:



  1. I loathe Brian. There, I said it. If you’re not a fan of the show, let me try and describe him to you: You know that coworker that is always on the phone yakking on and on about things with his girlfriend in a move to constantly reassure her that everything is OK? That’s him. He obviously has problems (as we find out later in Season 2), but man, he’s that guy who “just doesn’t get it.” When I was searching for his pic, I came across a blog that was kind of defending him, saying no employee should be treated like he was treated. Well, if you’re gonna say that, then no boss or no coworker should have to tell you to get off the phone when you’ve been on it for 3 hours and you’re on the clock. Oh, and he’s also one of the guys in the infamous “Dooood run!” clip, which is hilarious.

  2. Its a nightmare come true

    It's a nightmare come true

    The other guy I dislike? Andy. To be quite honest, in the first episode I saw him in, I thought he was a woman. He had longer hair and kind of a high-pitched voice for a man, and apparently was rather over-dramatic in that particular episode (“I feel a tightness in my chest.”) If TAPS’ goal is to walk into an investigation looking to debunk the haunting, Andy is the guy who is absolutely ready to believe everything and anything is a “bit of paranormal evidence.” It’s like he needs to be on “UFO Hunters,” where they try and mold the evidence into what they want it to be. After watching tons of these GH episodes, I pretty much assume that the pics I took at the Trans-Allegheny Insane Asylum were 99 percent dust — the only one that may be something else is that last one — but I’m not a “trained investigator” and have no idea of what’s what. But Andy sees a grasshopper jump in front of a camera and he’s like, “Dude! Evidence of paranormal activity!” He pains me in unimaginable ways. Thank the gods he is no longer with the show.

  3. The Demonologist. I see this term pop up on shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State,” and it gets me to to wondering … how does one become a “demonologist”? Is it like a night class at CCAC or something? Is it a degree or just a certification class? And just how many hours does it take to get one, because you know, I’d love to be able to put on my resume that I’m a “Certified Demonologist.”
  4. In my mind, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen happened in the third episode of Season 2, when they were in New Orleans. Well, actually, they were out on a run down plantation where a scary little Torgo guy lived. And his complaint was about how a ghost living in his house would make his “lady friends” uncomfortable and leave the house. But I have an inkling that it had nothing to do with a ghost.  Meet Bruce at around the 8:20 mark.

    And at the beginning of the second one, you can just feel the sexual frustration rippling off of him. I have a hypothesis that every time he says “lady friend,” a hooker gets her pumps.

    Personally, I was waiting for him to eventually break down and say, “Damn, if I don’t get none soon, I’m gonna explode, you know what I mean?”
    I dunno. But here’s all I can say about this: When you’re dressed in camo and flannel, look kinda dirty, have taxidermy in your house and entirely too much pent up sexual energy, the vast majority of women are going to get the impression that you’re about to go all “Silence of the Lambs” on them. Just sayin’.
  5. I love when they ask questions to the ghosts, and the answers would have to be rather complex for the ghost to answer.
    Investigator: “How did you die?”
    Ghost (with a British accent): “Well, it’s rather long and humorous story involving a wheel of cheddar cheese, an elephant and a squad of mice trained by the communists. Now, I was just walking down the street and …”
    Investigator: “Do you see yourself in the time period in which you died?”
    Ghost: “Come now old boy, let me answer your first question before you ask me a second …”
    Investigator: “Do you know you’re dead?”
    Ghost: “Of course I do! But the question is, do you know your brain is?”
  6. There’s been a lot of scary women on Ghost Hunters, but also a lot of cuties. And let’s face it, they’re much more interesting to watch than TAPS setting up, wandering around in the dark, and then tearing down.

So I like my women a little more normal and nerdy. So what?

One of the the things I like about the show is the fact that they just don’t automatically assume every little unexplained thing is Satan about to unleash his unholy hordes upon the world, and that they don’t use psychics in their adventures. However, I do hate their tossing around of the words “scientific” and “theory,” because what they do has very little to do with science. It’s more that they use technology and apply more critical thinking to their investigations than psychic investigators do. (To use the word “science” like they do means I’m pretty sciency while writing this blog, because I’m using technology that measures word count.)

But really, entertaining show — and I hope that they continue to make many more episodes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more episodes to get caught up on.

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