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If you haven’t been around lately …

One of the friends I grew up with is now a City of Pittsburgh cop. She’s always working the Steelers games, and decided to take a little video during the down moments.

Now, there’s nothing terribly exciting about the video. She doesn’t pull a “COPS” or “Police Women of Broward County” and rock drunken idiots. But after she posted it on Facebook, I asked her to put it on youtube (which she did, minus the original B-52s soundtrack), because there’s several things I really liked about it:

  1. Pittsburgh in fall. It’s gorgeous out here now … not too cold, not hot and the colors are just fantastic. And here, she’s right in between Heinz Field and PNC Park. If you haven’t been to the city in awhile, yeah, the North Shore is changing for the better.
  2. The emptiness: What cracks me up is that during the game, you see very few people on the streets because EVERYONE is watching the game. It’s hard to believe that there’s probably close to 70,000 people in the area — 65K in the stadium, and another 5K in the various bars and parking lots in the immediate area. And this is what it’s like throughout the greater Western Pennsylvania region — which is why non-sports fans tend to go shopping when the game’s on.
  3. Letting our hair down. Here’s what part of the city looks like when it’s not bracing for anarchist screwheads to be breaking windows and such. Just cool to see it from a ground view. I drive through this area daily, but I never get a chance to actually walk around and look at it in the daylight. Pretty nifty, actually.

Anyway, I hope she keeps making and posting more short videos — and as she does, I’ll share.


Story confirmed!

Some of you may remember my friend’s’ story about Michael Phelps getting drunk and rowdy at a Steelers-Ravens game, and being hauled away by Jerome Bettis before security kicked his butt out.

Well, the other night I was at a different friend’s house watching the Pen’s playoff game, when he mentioned a story about one of his friends being in a luxury box during the Steelers-Ravens game.  The story went something like this:

The friend was up in the luxury box with his group. Apparently, around half-time, Bettis came into the suite and asked them if they would mind if his friend stayed there. No one had a problem with it, so in walks a Michael Phelps, who was apparently really drunk. He allegedly just quietly sat in the corner and passed out.

Since we all knew the original story, we just busted out laughing. We all had been speculating that he was with Bettis somewhere, or quietly throw out. But now the answer was clear: He didn’t return for the second half because he was passed out in suite. Never even got to see his team lose. Oh well, it was probably for the best.

Well, at any rate, I do love me some confirmation — and a fun little reminder of how “small world” Pittsburgh can be.

Oh, and uh, GO PENS!

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