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Small change …

For those of you who loved the stylings of my Interweb friend Mindbling, she has a new home! She and her good friend Wormy are now over at BitchBurgh.

I don’t know what direction she’s gonna take, but if it includes more things like the “Stumpy, the One-Legged Stripper” video, you know they’re gonna kick out some great stuff.

I’ve changed my link to her site. Change yours, too.

So, be sure to break out your favorite box of wine and stop by their new home. Say “Hello.” Sit a spell. And you better share the wine. They’ll get surly(er) if you don’t.


Health care perspective, 1.0

I’m going to be writing up my own blog entry on the whole health care thing soon (you know, when I’m not completely groggy from shenanigans the night before), but in the meantime, my buddy Mindbling has a great post written by a friend on his trip to Kittanning.

(Small note: I know this is a controversial subject, and an emotional one for people on both sides. I will always be open to rational discussion from either side, but the key word here is “RATIONAL.” However,  if you’re one of these people who thinks that “universal health care = soylent green” or that there will be “death panels” involved or that “Obama = Hitler,” there is no need to go read there or comment here. Thanks!)


Nice shot!

Wormy posted this over at Mindbling’s site, and I had to post a link.

Fake or not, it’s just great stuff on many different levels. I sat laughing for a good 5 minutes after I read it.

All dogs go to heaven.

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