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When worlds collide

As I’m sure you all know by now, the Burghosphere’s most popular blogger, Pittgirl, is back. She has a new site called That’s Church. And the first thing she did was out herself as to her real identity, where she worked, her family — all the stuff the we readers always wanted to know. Oh, and when I say “worked,” I do mean it in the past tense. She was fired because of her blog.

Now, I’m not breaking any news here about her return or about her getting fired, which is why she remained anonymous for years in the first place.

But it is rather irritating to see someone get fired for writing their opinions, views and such in dealing with public figures at their place of employment. I mean, it wasn’t like she put the nuclear stockpile launch codes on her site — it was more like she was talking like any of us talk about work after a couple of beers to our friends. Except her friends were on the Internet. And her comments were easily accessible for anyone to read. And they were good reading.

On the other hand, I think her employer had no choice to do what they did, especially since she would have to continue to deal with all of these figures. Obviously, those politicos wouldn’t feel particularly endeared to her, or want to deal with her, which would impact them significantly. It’s quite a quandry.

Well, can I help it your desk is a mess?

Oh, this gnome's desk is a mess! How quaint!

Blogging is such an odd little world, where an entry can have epic, life-changing consequences. I’m not sure if I’m expressing what I really want to get out about this topic, but, you know, you’ll have that. I haven’t even had my morning caffeine yet. But those consequences are why I try not to blog about work, or about stuff that is work related. Not that I actually get to meet anyone famous in my position as “Shoemaker Gnome III” — though I’m sure when Hillary Clinton walked past my desk, she was all, “This boy is a P-I-G pig!”

I’m sure Ginny will be fine. I’m sure she and her husband planned a worst case scenario when she knew she wanted to come clean as to her identity. I’m sure she didn’t take coming out lightly. At all.

But it’s definitely a good reminder to us that sometimes our work and writing worlds just aren’t compatible — and that our freedom of speech comes with a hidden word — responsibility — and that we can be held accountable for what we choose to talk about.

Of course, now that Ginny is unfettered by things like employment, I wonder if she’ll just run amok for a little bit, like a dog that’s been cooped up too long in need of stretching its legs — or if she’ll be a little more on the conservative side, because she knows employers could fear that she’ll be airing a little dirty laundry about them should they hire her.

I guess only time will tell.

But I am happy she’s returned, and that I have something to read (again) with my morning tea.


Via con Dios, PittGirl

It’s been a rough morning for me.

First, crews are outside of my house, working on a water main that they failed to repair properly the other day. So, not only did they wake me up early, but I’m without water and parked in. But I knew that was going to happen. I saw water pouring on to the street when I arrived home last night. I was (basically) prepared.

But the second, well, it came out of nowhere for me — PittGirl retired from the world of blogging.

If I would have had tea, I would have spit it out when I read it.

Now, to keep that blog going for over 3 years — that’s something. In the few weeks or so that I started following it, The Burgh Blog became part of my morning routine. See, I love intelligence and humor that I can’t quite emulate, and it was obvious she had both in abundance. I also loved the fact that she was/is anonymous — because it made me wonder — “Could the person I’m talking to be PittGirl?” Personally, as much as I was curious about who she really was, I never would have gone looking — that would have destroyed the mystique that she created for herself. It’ll be very similar to when they reveal the last Cylon on Battlestar Galactica or the writers tell you what’s really going on on “Lost” — the mystery is 90 percent of the fun. Go with it. Enjoy it. And let it be.

So, Jane Pitt, I wish you well, and hope to see your writings appear here and there on someone’s elses (or your own, different) site. Writing is like the flu at times — just when you think you’re over it, it comes back. And when it does, I hope I’m around at the ground floor. But until such a time, there’s going to be a big hole in the ‘burghosphere — your little home became a great place for people to go and take a breather. I know I’ll miss it.

And if I ever bump into you in my travels, hopefully I’ll have enough sense to buy you a Zima or two.

Take care.

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