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So, it seems like being sick for 9 days has set me back to ground zero.

All weight lost has been regained.

All strength gains have falled back to previous levels.

And it didn’t help that I managed to lose a front brake pad on my mechanical brakes while out riding. That set me back a bit, too.

However, my mind is undetered.

I had a decent workout today. Not great, but decent.

I will get back on course, I will get this shit done.


Scheming and plotting

So yesterday, while typing out the ever-so-long-and-completely-unnecessary blog about Nostradamus (just had to get that all off my chest), my old buddy from Blabs of Steele IM’d me with a question:

“Do you think you could eat a 3lb. burger?”

Now, this is an interesting question … and a little unusual, even coming from him — but figured I’d just play along and see where this was going.

“There’s a place in Harrisburg that serves them. Let’s go!”

After a few more lines of chat, we decided we’d give it a shot. So, coming in March, we’re roadtripping out. Why? Well, why the hell not. How many times do you even get to see a 3 lb. MFin’ burger in real life?

Now, he and I are no strangers to gluttony and eating things for the sake of eating them. I guess the feeling is, if it’s unusual or just flat out makes us laugh, it’s worth a shot to try. On our latest jaunt, we went out to “The Monroe” in Butler for a Monroeburger — and I don’t think I ate for 24 hours after that. And that sucker was just a 3/4 lb. burger.

(Upon reflection, I may have to put my skit on when we hit Harrisburg and go for the 2 lb. burger. After all, I needs me that shirt and to be put into the 2lb. wuss Hall of Fame. He can go the 3-pounder. He’s a bigger mammal than I am.)

And then our conversation made a left turn (as it always seems to do) into the Twilight Zone. I’m not sure why or how, but somehow we ended up talking about taking a trip to see the Trinity site in New Mexico, home of the first atomic detonation (and hey, it’s only “mildly radioactive” now!).

During this conversation, there was also talk of renting a convertible so we could blast through the desert with the top down (I warned him that we’d be fried to a crisp if we did that for any length of time), visiting the Heart Attack Grill (for another giant burger for no good reason — though their burgers don’t look nearly as good as the Denny burgers in Harrisburg), and then heading out to Vegas to finish off the trip.

Since this trip is planned for 2010, I said, “This is great! It’ll also be a landmark birthday year for us!” to which he replied, “That’s right! We’ll have to wear bad hats for the entire trip!”

“And Hawaiian shirts.”

“YEAH! It’ll make it look like we’re going through some mid-life crisis or something. It’ll be the perfect excuse to act even more outrageous than we normally would!”

Through the goofy laughter, I sat thinking to myself … “Are we really gonna do this? I mean, really? C’mon.”

And then another voice pipped up (you know the one — that little devil that sits on your left shoulder) and said, “We damn well better.”

Las Vegas, I’m apologizing in advance.

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